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UV Board 
UV Marble Sheet 
PVC Marble Sheet 

UV Boards are the ideal replacement for conventional wall systems, some of the advantages are:

1. Lightweight, easy to transport
2. Highly resistant to moisture and mold
3. Waterproof and fire resistant
4. Easy to clean and maintain
5. Quick and easy to install
6. Vivid range of colors and design

Can be used in Commercial & Residential spaces: Offices, Lobbies, Supermarkets, Malls, Modern Classrooms, Auditoriums, Libraries, Hospitals, Clinics, Multiplexes, Gaming Zones, Cinema Halls, Studios, Art Galleries, Exhibition Centers, Clubs, Gyms, Beauty Parlors, Salons, Fitness Studios, Yoga Centers, Book Stores, Home Decoration , Restrooms/Washrooms, Apartments/Condos, Your Home and more.

Common Applications
  • Sliding Wardrobe 
  • Furniture Panels
  • LCD Display Unit
  • Product Display Unit 
  • Wall Cladding
  • Wall Paneling & Embellishments
  • Cupboard/Cabinets and/or Kitchen Shutters
And various other multipurpose applications.

***Ready to be Installed - No further finishing is required on the surface.


What is WPC?

WPC is a hybrid composite material that is mainly made from a distinct mixture of natural wood and plastic fibers. This product is very popular because of its molding ability to any kind of size and shape.

WPC=wood powder+plastic+ additives composite

Delivery OR Shipping


If you are located within the Tri-State area, we may be able to offer White Glove Service Delivery.


For all other areas; we offer Nationwide Shipping. Cost for shipping varies based on your delivery address, type & quantity of panels purchased.

Call or email our office for any shipping cost quotes and/or questions about our White Glove Service Delivery.

Office Ph# 929-933-7436


Care Instructions

How do I care for and clean my "Wood Slat Panels"?

1. Clean with a soft, slightly damp (not wet) cloth and mild cleaners such as: Windex, Murphy Oil Soap, Pine Sol, Lemon Fresh, Lestoil or Mr. Clean.

2. DO NOT spray any liquid directly on panels. Apply cleaner to cloth ONLY. Clean panels and wipe with a clean dry cloth.

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